Seraphical Euphony

from by Hyperion

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Across the interior solar empire
The origin of interminable rapture
Into the very nucleus of Tartaros
We embark on a sacred voyage.

May the benedictions of the elder Gods be upon us
And may they bestow valor, fortitude and wisdom unto our inner sanctum.
Take heed thou who seek to accompany our excursion, as this ordeal has ravaged the spirits of many.

Let the stalwart prevail and the recreant falter as we descend further into the maw of calamity and abomination.
Thou shall make payment and reverence and allow Charon to lead us yonder the river of despisal.
As our journey has yet to begin...

Once you coalesce with the stars shalt all entrances seal
An incessant endeavour of agony, woe and entropy.
Cognizant of all the chastisements and rewards of this apparition
But whose melody shall we sing when the internal flames embrace us?

Upon enfolding thine quintessence
Sever thine hand from purpose
Phlegethon is joined by Lethes tears

Though baleful storms assail and deceive
Eonian zeal recites in euphony.

Pilgrimage most holy, supreme anchorite. Blessed, but forlorn. Unshackled, but enslaved.
Familiar figures dismembers all seven senses, through the eternal is grief divine.

Those who elude the kernel from the fruit of luminance
Walketh among fallacy, marooned and far from the fields of Elysium.

Virulence and fervid chasm reveling to extinguish all piety and creed, dissevering the aum.

As sovereign catharsis absolves and purifies thou may at long last behold the shores of ageless quietus.

Upon enclosing obsolescence
Harken and praise with purpose
Phlegathon scorches as Cocytus writhes.

Thenceforth, thy storms shall never seize
Eonian zeal recites in euphony.
Eternal euphony....


from Seraphical Euphony, released February 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Hyperion Stockholm, Sweden

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